SAA provides no cost after school and summer programming for girls in grades 1-4. 

We offer academic support through the arts with a strong emphasis on building life skills and a positive sense of self. 

Daily programming includes full meals, stretching & meditation, homework time, and creative studies in art, dance, music, theatre, and cooking.

 from a parent 

“My daughters, Mahogany and Sienna recently started.  I have seen an improvement in their behavior already.  I see them sharing with each other more often at home.  The volunteers at SAA help my daughters with their homework and they do arts and crafts.  Every time they come home from SAA, they are excited to tell me what they did that day.  I’m so grateful that my girls are able to attend this program.  I really enjoy seeing and hearing about the activities they do. Mondays and Wednesdays are always something to look forward to for Mahogany and Sienna.”  

~ Lavender Green, Parent