We are pleased to work with a dietician and nutritionist to plan meals that are both healthy and familiar, kid favorites. We provide a full meal to the students every program day.

We are also proud to provide a weekly cooking club where 3rd & 4th graders can explore preparing their own meals and trying new ingredients and recipes.


We get creative every day at SAA! Classes led by community partners and resident teaching artists allow us to explore various forms of dance; music technique, songwriting, and live recording; playwriting, improvisation, and dramatic stage presence; and visual arts activities including drawing, painting, printmaking and ceramics.


We know that families just want to spend relaxed time together at the end of a long day. We make time each day to work with students on their homework to help families do so. We also provide extra support in reading, writing, and math skills through various games and activities wherever we recognized extra help is needed.


SAA is fortunate to partner with Montgomery County Community College to provide a 2 week, arts-based camp on the college campus at no charge to our students. We provide a bus to and from SAA to the college each day as well a provide breakfast and lunch.



The school day can be overwhelming and overstimulating. Before we dive into our creative explorations for the day, we like to take time as a group to tune in our bodies and our breathing. Through gentle stretches and moments of stillness and quiet, we can give ourselves a little break and reenergize before moving on with our day.


Throughout the school year, we take trips to visit both our community partners (Rotation Records and MCCC) as well as trips to local cultural venues. These trips may include a visit to the local zoo, a play or dance performance, or even a tour of a museum or nature preserve.